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"If you don't agree with me....well EXCUUUSE MEEE!!!!" -Steve Martin

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RAMI-fication is BACK!
RAMI-fication on the Blockbuster Buster:

BBB and Scooby Doo just got RAMI-fied:

rami-fication bbb

From c. 16:15

See full review here:

ETA: Also appears in Top 10 Asinine Avatar Moments, c 12:18 Rami Malek as Benjamin is EVERYWHERE!

(Also, Rami and Sami (the twin brother) Malek's names roughly translate to "Loving King" and "Exalted King", respectively, in case anyone ever wanted to know.)

ETA 11-27-13: "Said" (Rami's middle name) means happy, so Rami's full name means "Loving, happy king", which fits, since he seems to be happy about everything, and it fits the Ahkmenrah character from the Night at the Museum movies, from what we see of him.


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